“I am not flexible enough to do Yoga”, is the most common excuse to not start practicing. Here is the good news: It does not matter how flexible you are. Neither is it of any importance, how strong you are, because both features are what you will be working on your whole life long. If you find your way into a regular practice you will notice changes: physical and mental ones. But the longer you practice Yoga, the less important it will become how far you can bend forward or backwards. So please, come as you are.

LONI was founded in 2016 after I graduated from my first Teacher Training with Chrissy Carter at Yogaworks(c) New York. Although my central focus lies in classic Iyengar and alignment based practices, I have added experience in Yin and Restorative related variations as well as flowing elements and Contemporary Dance influences. I believe in constant curiosity in order to keep my teaching as holistic as possible.

Recent workshops and trainings include: Asana meets Breakdance (with Sasha Nelson at Yogaworks New York, 2016), Contemporary Dance (with Nuria at Motion’s Berlin, 2016), The Art of Teaching Restorative Yoga with Minimal Props (with Jilian Pransky at Yogaworks New York, 2017), YogaDance (with Brandon Anthony at YogaWorks Los Angeles, 2017), Lyrical Funky Jazz (with Sonia Bartucelli at Motion’s Berlin, 2017), Yoga Therapy 500hr IAYT certified Training with Montserrat g. Mukherjee, Amsterdam 2018/19)